Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My little guy! - Calgary Newborn Photographer

So I thought maybe since my little Brady is almost 6 months maybe I should get around to his newborn pictures... lol! The last thing you feel like doing after having a baby is whipping out your camera and props to put on a photo session in the first week of his life. Lucky for me I have an AWESOME friend who had me over to help me out! (Jody of J.A.C. Photography)

Thanks so much Jody! You are SO AWESOME! :)


JAC Photography said...

Just seeing this now! You did and amazing job, it's so neat to see how you had such different angles than me. If I was such an awesome friend I would have given you my pics by now!!! : )

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

These are sweet! I love the bright blue ones. It must have been fun to work together on this. Adorable!! You make cute babies!

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