Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How do you get a baby to do that? - Calgary Newborn Photographer

Number one question people ask me when I give them my card or they see my Newborn images is how do you get babys to do that?  

The picture they are referring to being the cute little picture of the newborn holding his head up all on his own... or is he?  Not a chance!  lol!  Although it is possible to get baby balanced in this pose I would not attempt it.  All of my images of this pose are two images merged together in photoshop.  This is the Safe way to get that shot.

I feel so lucky when a couple trusts me with capturing the first few days of their precious child's life.  It really makes me want to produce images they will treasure but at the same time I want to keep that sweet little bundle safe happy as I do so.  That brings me to the next image...

Notice the hands and leg??? Yes this was a VERY tricky edit!  Normally I would have taken another picture without sweet little Archer or his mommys hands in it.  That way I could have copied the background.  Silly me... I forgot!  I had to copy the parts of the background I already had in the picture.  So glad it turned out!  And SO glad we could get a shot like this without Archer being the least bit unsafe.  Photoshop is such an amazing tool! You can view Archers post here.

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Kira said...

Beautiful pictures. I think it's so important to show how to get those adorable SAFE newborn pictures. Thank you! I found your blog from a comment you posted on cinnamon girl studios. I love what you've done with your website. I'm in the process of creating my own from the artisan girl template right now and wondered if you would mind telling me how you made the slideshow go away when you click on information like pricing and contact. If it's not too much trouble I'd really appreciate an email with a point in the right direction. My email is Thanks in advance!

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