Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jordan & Jenni's wedding preview - LDS wedding photographer Edmonton

What a Fun wedding this was!

Jordan Is my little brothers best friend and Jenni is my brothers fiances best friend.  They were the best man and maid of honor.  One of the other bridesmaids was just married to one of the groomsmen a few weeks before this wedding.  Confused? lol!  What a fun group of friends!!!  I really enjoyed working with you guys!  

I know I said this on the last wedding preview but really .... It was SO hard to just pick a few images for this post!  I started shooting this beautiful wedding at 7:30 am and other than one short stop to eat at the reception I didnt stop until about 11:00ish!!!!!! So yes... I have a ton of images to sort!  And yes I crashed hard the next day... took a week to recover from this one.  But please enjoy this little preview to hold you over until I am done with the rest of them! 

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Leah said...

KRISTY! i LOVE your images!! Seriously though!! in love with every single wedding you post!!! This wedding is spectacular!

Kristy Kay said...

Wow thanks Leah! You know I feel the same about your work... lol!

Ashley said...

I love all these wedding posts! I seriously would love to get remarried (To Wendell of course ;) and get my pictures done all over again! Seriously beautiful!

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